Urdu, or Modern Standard Urdu, is a Persianized form of the Hindustani language. It's an official language of six Indian states. Thus it's among the 22 official languages recognized in the Constitution of India. Additionally, it's the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan.

Urdu is also spoken by large numbers of immigrant families in urban centers of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, Norway and Australia. Additionally, many migrant South Asian workers in the major urban centers of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf speak Urdu.

Germany is now Pakistan's fourth-largest trading partner. During the 2014 calendar year, bilateral trade with Pakistan totaled 2.07 billion euros. Through that relationship, Pakistan purchases mainly chemical products, machinery, electrical goods, motor vehicles and iron goods. The number of German companies operating in Pakistan has increased in recent years, and as a corporate population such companies are stable. German businesses have shown increased interest in the Pakistani marketplace, particularly with respect to the sectors of energy and infrastructure. However, despite the depth and frequency of exchange, barriers could quickly emerge without the assistance of highly skilled language service providers.

Our expert Urdu linguists are keenly aware of the need for sensitivity in the translation of this rich, dynamic language. Accordingly, the native translators and project teams of ReoRex do their utmost to provide accurate, nuanced translations. Our services consistently satisfy the needs of Urdu-speaking foreign residents and visitors, businesses emphasizing international trade, and public sectors in which Urdu is encountered. Trust ReoRex, with its knowledge of the Urdu-speaking culture and Germany's business dynamics, to ensure accurate, up-to-the-minute communication services.

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