Tigrinya, often written as Tigrigna is designated as the most spoken language in Eritrea, and is used in mass media, education, and government in this country. It is spoken by ethnic Tigray-Tigrinya people in the Horn of Africa. It is closely related to Amharic, Tigre and Ge’ez, an extinct language that is still used in religious practice. It is also distantly related to Arabic and Hebrew.

Tigrigna speakers are primarily settled in the Tigray Region in northern Ethiopia (57%), as well as the sharing borders of southern and central Eritrea (43%). It is used in the mass media, education, and in government and non-governmental agencies. However, it should not be confused with the related Tigre language. Tigre is an Afro-Asiatic language which is spoken by the Tigre people, who are located the lowland regions of Eritrea to the north and west of the Tigrigna speech area. There is no recognized dialectal alternative in Tigrigna, but linguists usually categorize this language into two mutually intelligible dialects: Asmara spoken in Eritrea and Tigray spoken in Ethiopia.

Tigrinya, which has six million speakers, is the fourth most common language in Ethiopia after Amharic, Somali and Oromo, and it's the most widely spoken language in Eritrea (with more than three million speakers). Tigrinya is also used by large immigrant communities around the world, including those in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. It's even a language used in Australian public radio broadcasts.

The Tigrinya-speaking immigrant community in Germany is large and growing, and thus it presents a significant need for translation. However, Tigrinya is a very subtle tongue, so any translation work must be done with great care. We at GErTrans, including our team of native Tigrinya linguists, will deliver accurate, culturally appropriate translations that respect even the smallest nuances of this language. We'll be a strong, steady link between you and those with whom you want to connect.

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