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Our Services

Professional  DTP and Designs

If you are frustrated with the designs for the right to left (RTL) languages and doing the typesetting for Kurdish, Arabic or Urdu is a challenge for you, our tech savvy designers can lesson your worries

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High Quality Translation

Get your documents, transcripts, localization projects translated from and into Middle Eastern languages using our high quality translation service

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Expert Proofreading

Get perfectly crafted translations or manuscripts and avoid spoiling your professional image by our through proofreading service

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Verbatim Transcription

You have an audio / video clip which needs to be transcribed from Arabic, Farsi, or Kurdish?
We can help you with transcription services or direct audio/video translations

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Our Mission

Reorex’s mission is to continually improve the translation process and deliver quality linguistic services to businesses and individuals. Our goal is to help German and Middle Eastern businesses to bridge the gap and crack lucrative deals with global expansion of business. On the other hand, we focus on helping immigrants in the European countries to tackle the language barrier and sooth some of their pain. We aim at setting realistic timelines to provide quality services and to keep costs to a minimum through application of technology-based solutions to our human translation.

Our Languages

  • Arabic

    One of the six languages of NATO spoken by almost half a billion people

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  • Farsi

    Language of a growing economy, a vibrant culture, and highly educated population in the Middle East

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  • Kurdish Sorani

    Official language of the Regional Government of Kurdistan, Iraq and the most common Kurdish dialect.

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  • Urdu

    Spoken by more than 100 million people in India and Pakistan, major trade partners of Germany

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  • Pashto

    Pashto / Pushto  along with Dari is one of the national languages of Afghanistan and is the second-largest regional language of Pakistan

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  • Dari

    One of the official languages of Afghanistan and native language of almost 40% of the Afghanistan population

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  • Turkish

    Germany is a host to more than 3 million speakers of Turkish forming the largest ethnic minority.

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  • Hebrew

    Spoken by more than 8 million people worldwide. Germany is Israel's largest trading partner in Europe

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  • Kurdish Kurmanji

    Spoken by most Kurd immigrants to Europe coming from Northern Iraq or Syria

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Facts and Figures

24/7 assistance
9 Languages and expanding to more
Over 45 translators and editors

Over 500 jobs per month




Document Translation

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

(average rating for the past year)


The average satisfaction is calculated based on the 6,101 project accomplished during the past 12 months

Sales by languages

  • Arabic 20%
  • Farsi 11%
  • Dari 9%
  • Pashtu 7%
  • Kurdish Sorani 10%
  • Kurdish Kurmanji 14%
  • Hebrew 12%
  • Turkish
  • Urdu 4%

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Translated per month (one average)


Jobs by subject areas

  • Life Sciences 38%
  • Technical 25%
  • Legal 13%
  • Other 24%


Our team has rendered it
services in many different areas including but not limited to:



Our linguists and project managers are well familiar with the legal documents in Middle East.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

We translate from lab reports to CTA’s. Translating accurate Life Science material into/from Middle Eastern languages.

Technical and Engineering

Technical and Engineering

Get high quality translation by Middle Eastern language experts with backgrounds in science and technology

Quality Assurance

We have sustained in
translation market because we have
excelled in production of high quality translation

Translator Selection

Translator Selection

Tracking Middle Eastern language translators Culture sensitive linguists Large teams for large projects Translators translate into their native language Minimum 3 years of translation experience University educated practitioners

Translator Evaluation

Translator Evaluation

Passing a test in a specific domain of expertise Bimonthly evaluation and monitoring translators' wok

Project Management

Project Management

Competency of our Project managers in Middle Eastern languages Minimum of 3 years of industry project management detail oriented Keep client's satisfaction a priority

Systematic Translation Process

Systematic Translation Process

Ensuring project manager/ linguists understand the project Project assessment Choosing the best candidates Assignment of large projects to a team Ensuring onsistency of large projects using CAT tools Proofreading the project Quality Check

Use of Technology

Use of Technology

Using Translation Memory to keep consistency throughout the project Minimizing costs Using QA add-ons Keeping formatting consistent Minimizing grammatical and spelling errors

Review Process

Review Process

Translators review and proofread their work Project managers make sure all the clients instructions are followed



Independent proofreading is performed on all projects on the following items:Language Standard - grammar, orthography, country standards Fluency/ Readability tone of translation Terminology Compliance

Rating our Practitioners

Rating our Practitioners

Constant communication between Quality assurance team and linguists Assignment of quantitative score by the editors to the translations

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Project Analysis and pre-flight:

  • Time-line construction
  • Translation Memory Analysis
  • Glossary and Terminology Management
  • Style Guide Creation


  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting and Layout
  • Quality Assurance Process
  • Post-layout  check


  • Client  feedback
  • Quality Assurance Assessment
  • Translation Memory Maintenance

Who We Are:

We are a team of dedicated linguists who decided to provide the best quality of work, in a short time, and be able to work on large projects.

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+27 (31) 828 2490



2nd Floor, Liberty Life Building, 21 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga, Durban, 4301